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Types of Gender

Types Of Gender

The nouns brother,gentleman and bull refer to males. Nouns which refer to male persons and animals said to be of the masculine gender.

The nouns sister, lady, and cow refer to females. Nouns which refer to female persons and animals are said to be of the feminine gender.

The nouns pen,chair and phone are the names of the things without life. They can be neither males nor females. Nouns referring to things without life are said to be of the neuter gender.

The words child,teacher and engineer may be used both males and females.Such nouns are said to be of the common gender.

Some feminine nouns are formed by adding-ess to the masculine names, example: lion-lioness

List of masculin and feminine nouns:-

Masculine                                                                           feminine
Actor                                                                                     Actress
Bachelor                                                                              Spinster
Boar                                                                                       Sow
Bridegroom                                                                        Bride
Buck                                                                                      Doe
Bull,ox                                                                                  Cow
Cock                                                                                      Hen
Colt                                                                                        Filly
Dog                                                                                        Witch
Drake                                                                                    Duck
Duke                                                                                     Duchess
Fox                                                                                         Vixen
Gander                                                                                 Goose
Gentleman                                                                         Lady
Hart                                                                                       Hind
Heir                                                                                       Heiress
Hero                                                                                      Heroine
Horse                                                                                    Mare
Host                                                                                      Hostess
Hunter                                                                                 Huntress
Landlord                                                                              Landlady
Lion                                                                                       Lioness
Master                                                                                 Mistress
Monk                                                                                    Nun
Nephew                                                                              Niece
Peacock                                                                               Peahen
Priest                                                                                    Priestess
Prince                                                                                   Princess
Ram                                                                                       Ewe
Stag                                                                                       Hind
Stallion                                                                                                Mare
Tiger                                                                                      Tigress
Waiter                                                                                  Waitress
Widower                                                                             Widow
Wizard                                                                                 Witch


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